Giant Prize and huge honour

I was gob smacked to learn last night (27 Feb) that I had won the Saddle Skedaddle Guides competition.  A great honour as they are a great outfit and the others entries came from fellow guides who are very prolific social media users as well as great group bike leaders.  The other entrants  are all listed at  the Skedaddle Twaddle Blog but I’d like to mention fellow prize winners Richard Blackmore for the amazing Lands End John O’ Groats blog  and to Tom Owen for his instagram and  Blog content – with a great Lakeland feature including a mouthwatering cheeseboard pic! mmmm .

Tweets and tubes


I guess this is the sort of persistent you tube, tweeting and blogging that helped me win a bike! Yep a Giant road bike .  

Watch out for Al in Lycra!

May not be  a pretty sight!  




Along with  about a dozen other HF cycle guides we joined the Skedaddle crew a year back when the two organisations joined forces to market and deliver bike holidays. There has been some great co-operation and I have certainly enjoyed this year’s #Guides Week at HF Derwent Bank house near Keswick where I met (and in some cases danced with)  long standing HF colleagues and and made lots of new Skedaddle friends from UK, Italy and Spain.

I just have to say that the awards as based finally on votes on Facebook so thanks so much to everyone who did support me (and to those who passed the word).

Finally I am always in two minds about competitions as they can be a bit divisive in singling out individuals and I’d hate this to have that effect – the HF leaders who joined me on the transfer list to Skeddadle are a great bunch as are all the Skeddadlers I’ve me so far. Here’s to great team working.


Merci, gracias, grazie mille, danke schoen.  


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