Reunion with Danube ferry captain – first met on bike trip 2 years ago

It was a joy once again to lead a group  from HF Cycling down the ‘Danube Radweg’  to Vienna once again.

Nibelungen Denkmal- Tulln

Nibelungen Denkmal- Tulln

July 2016 saw may fifth lead on this route (it’s becoming a habit!)  and it was especially good to encounter the same ferry captain  at Ottensheim who we’d met on my first trip back in 2014.

Ottensheim, just above Linz, has a quirky ‘cable ferry’ which needs no motor but uses the power of the current to move the boat from bank to bank.

Alastair and ferry captain.

Ottensheim ferry captain reunion July 2016

Ferry captain (dubbed Popeye by cyclists) May 2014

Ferry captain (dubbed Popeye by cyclists) May 2014

This July we had superb weather an a great group. IT was great to ride with Peter, Linden, Hilary, Phil, Andrea, Chris, Judith, Aileen, Bryan, Cathy and of course Suzanne.

Talking of Suzanne, she offered her own impressions  of the trip in the Skedaddle Blog. 

Here is a short montage of pictures to jog memories of rides and whet appetites of anyone who has not yet taken the Danube challenge.


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